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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most relevant questions and answers for your financial success
Magic Seven - Get Paid Today.

When you have any question to any of the Levels or about the Auto-Sponsoring &
Spillover ,please read each
levels description because most of the questions are
answered insideeach Levels description under "Products > "Levels"additionally you
will find below questions and answers,
we will be updating the
FAQ section
answering every question only one time.

Therefore contact us only if you read all pages including the below answers but did
not find the answers to your question.

Q: My english is not so perfect and I have many contacts in my Country who do
notunderstand english to which I would like to help, will Magic Seven - Get Paid
Today be available in other languages as well?

A: Yes, we will add 6 more languages to Magic Seven - Get Paid Today. If you have difficulties to understand all information entirely in Magic Seven - Get Paid Today,
please use the help of online translators like Google translator, Babelfishask or ask
somebody in your language in your Country to translate it for you until we added
more languages.Alternatively, you can also visit the Social Network of Magic Seven
following the link; Magic Seven - Social Network .The Network is setup in multiple
languages and maybe in your language as well, and you will find there not only more
answers about Magic Seven - Get Paid Today but also meet people andmoderators
from your country who are already in higher levels in Magic Seven and can answer all
your questions, support and help you.

We are continuesly working on the Social Network of Magic Seven - Get Paid Today
because we want people take advantage of Magic Seven's wealth creation system
andso help the world to be a better place globally. If your country is not listed on the
main Magic Seven Social Network site already, you can contactadmin and ask to
setup one for your country where you can be the master moderator together with
otherswho will join you as soon as it is available in your language and you can help
people from your country in your own language and help them understand and join
Magic Seven - Get Paid Today.

Q: What is Magic Seven - Get Paid Today, how does the wealth creation system

A: Magic Seven - Get Paid Today created for the purpose to be a social program with
the unique geniune system that helps anybody who joins it, to access financial
freedom and wealth, and so help the world to be a better place globally. Inside Magic
Seven we have placed several products that more or less anybody uses and needs,
like free international phone calls, free online account with master debit card,
cashback systems, free vacations etc. All these products, beside of being used
globally by anyone, has the benefit for Magic Seven members to create income if
new members join them. Magic Seven - Get Paid Today has 7 Levels and you will
find between 1 to 10 products with any Level. You start by joining free and already
receive free products like websitecreator, website templates, graphic designs,
images, websitetrafficetc. as the future of buying and selling of products will be
made more and more online, so you can create already your future within the online
world totally free. Additionally you will receive free cash-bonus of $60 as a free
member. You will then be asked to activate your Level-1 by paying only a tiny
amount of $5,00 and startearning already in most cases from dayone. As you
advance to higher levels your income will grow automatically, having started only
with the initial payment of$5,00. You will not need t o spend any moremoney from
your own in any of the higher levels, as a small part of your earnings from Level-1 will
pay for the activation of the next Level. Your one-time upgrade fee of $5,00 is not
even a payment that you spend, but it is like being deposited in to your account and
you will be able to withdraw it againin Level-7 when you completed all your levels
and achieved your financial freedom.

Not only you have the opportunity to access financial freedom and wealth fortiny fee
of $5,00 but also Magic Seven-Get Paid Today will place automatically new
members below you who has joined us after you, and this will ensure that you will
earn whether you have referred others to Magic Seven or not. Although you will be
obliged to help others, at least your own close contacts like family members, friends
andcolleagues, because if you do not refer anybody,in another words;if you do not
helpanybody to access their financial freedom through Magic Seven-Get Paid
Today, you will be warned first, then if you still did not refer anybody with your own
referral link, you will be excluded from Magic Seven program in Level-3, because we
help only people who help others, and all youhave to do is to send your Magic
Seven link to your contacts and show themhow they can access their Financial
Freedom. You will have time until you are in Level-7 to refer 5 people from your close

Q: Will Ibe selling stuff to my contacts or how do Iearn?

A: No, you are not selling anything since the person whoreferred you to Magic
Seven did not ask you to buy anything either but showed you how you can access
your Financial Freedom, and get free softwares and complete tools to create a
professional online business for any product for free. All products that we have
available for free members are a complete set of software and tools and you will not
need anything else to create a professional online business and this you get free,
there is nothing to sell.
In order to make sure that any new member starts to earn income from Magic
Seven get paid today, we have included7 Levels with products, and all products
together have thevalue of $20,000 (including 4-5* vacations) and members will have
access to all these products for a one-time payment of $5,00 ANDearn over
$3,000,000 in 1-2 years as more and more people join Magic Seven - Get Paid
Today, placing them under the existing members and paying commissions which
add up to over $3,000,000.

We even give our members the opportunity to collect free cash-bonus of $350 simply
by joining free, before you are asked to activate your account for $5,00.

Q: Can Ipay the $5,00 activation fee from my free cash-bonus?

No, you cannot since the free cash-bonus is being paid to you by the programs for
joining them, whichwe selected carefullyand placed in to the Free-Members
and you will not be able to cash this money rightaway, as they would go
bankrupcy if they paid out these cash bonuses within few days only. You willhave
further benefitsfrom these programs like earning commissions for their products, if
referothers whomyou know that islooking for such a product. One of the
example will pay you between $17 and $40 for referring othersfor their
products. You are
not obligated to refer anybody to themifyou cannot. However, you
will need to activate your Level-1 with your own money, because you cannot
cash-bonus rightaway or you will need to wait until you are able to cash
it out, to pay the
tiny activation fee of $5,00.

Before you have activated your Level-1, Magic Seven will not place new members
belowyou since only Pro-Members will receive "spillover" (spillover is; if you have
referred more than 5 people 5 will be placed directly under you and the remaining
peoplewill then be placed under your 5 direct referrals). When people over you who
joined Magic Seven before you refer more than 5 contacts to Magic Seven, these will
be placed under you like been reffered by you, and if their referrals fill your 5
positions below you, then your contacts whom you referred will be placed under
them. This is called spillover and this will help people who does not know anybody
still earn the $3,000,000 or more in 1-2 years with Magic Seven - Get Paid Today,
but those who did not refer anybody, because they maybereally do not know
anybody, will need to pay 5 times the activation fee for othernew members, and we
will give that money to those who cannot afford to pay the activation fee to activate
their Level-1.

Q: What do Ihave to do in order to achieve my financial freedom?
A: First you need to join Magic Seven - Get Paid Today asfree member. When you
joinyou will receive an email with the activation link and with it you verify your email
address. After you have verified your email address, you will be able to login to the
members area. When you login, you will be directed to the members area and from
there, you will be guided for each step you need to take, from your first step to your
total financial freedom.
Afterbecome a free member, you will be asked to open a new email account with
google (gmail) even if you have one already. This new email you will use only for your
Magic Seven account and the free programs and levels programs, whichwill ensure
that your Magic Seven business emails do not get mixed up with your other emails.

After opening a new email account, you will be asked to create a Paypal and
Alertpay account, which you will need to receive your earnings and to pay your level
activation fees and collect your commissions.
Afterdownloading the free softwares and tools, your next step is to activate
your Level-1. When you have activated your Level-1 paying the activation fee, you
needto send your Magic Seven - Get Paid Today referral link to your contacts like
familymembers, close friends, colleagues and business partners, you can be sure
that if you send your link to 10 people, at least 7 of them will join Magic Seven, if you
explain them in your email what it is. and this is all you have to do, to access your
financial freedom.

As 5 peopleare placed directly under you, you will earn as the first initial payment
toyou $25 and your total earnings from Level-1 will be over $9,700. The first $25 is
paid directly to your Paypal or Alertpay account, you will take $14.50 from that and
activate your Level-2. Your Level-2 will earn you $17,000 in first step and +$175,000
in second step.

This is only to show you how you will activate your futher levels for free (with small
part of the income of your previous level) and same procedure will apply from Level-2
to Level-3 and so on.
Finishing all 7 levels, you will earn from all 7 levels together over $3,000,000
PLUS a monthly residual income of $50,000. Ithink this is something that you can
call financial freedom.

Q: Why is Magic Seven - Get Paid Today doing this, what is your advantage?
Is thisa ponzi or pyramide scheme?
A: No, it is not a ponzi or pyramide scheme, and yes we have so many advantages
by doingso;in first place we have been able to help the world to be a better place
secondly we are earning at the same time as well. The more people join Magic
Seven - Get Paid Today, themore peoplehave more money and will behappier,
healthier and wealthier. This trully willmake the world a better place and also the
more people join Magic Seven - Get Paid Today the more we will earn at the same
time as well. Through the Genius System that we have created, we finally have been
able to create acash-flow structure where everybody wins.

Even if the last personin the world would join Magic Seven - Get Paid Today, they
will haveat least the benefit of receiving all tools and softwares to createprofessional
onlinebusiness for any product for free without the need to pay anything ever for it
and to receive the free cash-bonus.Ponzi or Pyramide schemes have nothing free to
offer and are only looking for people who pay but also pay more and receive less.
Suchschemes get stuck as no new people join them and the last onew end up
havingpaid only. Magic Seven - Get Paid Todaysystemis not asking anybody to
pay anythingbut asking to deposit a one-time fee of $5,00 in to their Magic Seven -
Get Paid Today account which they will withdraw again in Level-7 after having
finished the Level-7 and accessingthefinancial freedom.

Q: Can Ipay the one-time fee for the activation fee right after creating my Magic
Seven - Get Paid Today account without taking advantage of the free-cash
programs, free software and tools?
A: Yes you may do so, But; we have setup this system in a way that will ensure the
financial freedom of many people worldwide and not only few who is looking to earn a
substantial income only for themselfes. by taking advantage of the freecash-bonus
programs, free software and tools, you have the necessary part to help as many
people as possible and not only your close contacts. You alsoshould not only
download the free software and tools but also use them. After having activatedyour
Level-1 and sending an email to your close contacts in which you can invitethem
also to join the Social Network site of Magic Seven - Get Paid Today, the part of the
work that is asked from you is already done. As you will be able to create a website
in only 30-60 minutes, you can setup a website any time you can after sending your
email to your contacts, you can then use the free mailing tools where you can send
email to over 25.000 people, with a link from your website, or simplywithyourMagic
Seven - Get Paid Today link, you will help as many people as possible tonotice the
opportunity with Magic Seven and so help them to access financial freedom and this
also will ensure that you will complete your 7 Levels even faster than 12 months.
Some of the Magic Seven members who used all the tools we give away free, will
finish all7 levels actually in only 3-6 months and also bewithin the Top25 sponsors
who will receive up to 5% company share payment which can beup to $10,000,000
additional earnings.

Q: When Iarrive in a level and see that Ido not need this product, can Iskip that level?

A: No, you cannot. In order to continue with further levels, you will need to activate
your current due level and you will need to have 5 referrals directly under you,
onlyafter then the next level will open up to you. Even if you see that itmightbe a
product that you donot need, you allways should see the bigger
picture. Magic
Seven - Get Paid Today is not an online shop whereyou can buythings you like or
want. Magic Seven - Get Paid Today is a wealth creation
system and by activating
your levels, youare not buying products but opening the channel of income potential for yourself, where you will earn income forotherswho activatethis level after
you.Even if you have already a similar or sameproducts, what the level will give you,
you willneed to activate it andtake theproduct and giveit
away to somebody who
does not have it. This way you will make sure you do notdecrease your income
potential and you make somebody happy with the
productwhoneeded it.Remember
this;if you earn $9,700 from a $5 activation feeand if you earn $17,500 +$175,000
from a $14,50 activation fee, how much you must earn if your next level is $25? It is
not the product that we are talking about but the wealth creation through earnings
from all7 levels. Consider the products as a gift to you butnot as something
thatyou buy. You may also stop
activating your levels whenever you want, but you
will not be able to skip any of
the levels.

: Is there any limit on the number of member per household?

A:No, there is no limit on number of members per household. You may refer your
family members within the same household, but there IS a limit on registration per
person. Every member is allowed to have one Magic Seven-Get Paid Today account.

Q: Can Iemail you when Ihave other questions?

A: If it is something really important, such as question regarding your referral then
you can email us but please try to avoid sending emails with general questions aswe
will update this section every time we receivenew questions that shouldbe answered
here. We are monitoring the system and keeping the system updatedinregard of
updating referral status of the members and would likekeepconcentrating, therefore
we appreciate if you contact your sponsor toseek an answeror join simplyMagic
Seven - Get Paid Today'sSocial Networksite, where you willfind hundreds of
experienced pro-members who would be happy to help you, in yourcountry and your

For furtherquestions please visit and register here:

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